Flex legal's litigation report series

Unlock the future of litigation with our comprehensive insights

Embark on a journey through the intricate world of litigation with Flex Legal's latest series of insightful reports, all in one incredible package. From 'Litigation Funding - What Good Looks Like', where we shed a light on the evolving global legal finance industry with input from an Investment Manager at Therium Capital. To 'The Art of Group Litigation - A Masterclass in Best Practice', a deep-dive into the heart of litigation strategy, with insights from two seasoned group litigators. Finally, in our third report, 'Interim Hires in Litigation Matters - A Perfect Solution', we unravel the strategic role of interim legal resourcing in overcoming the challenges of large-scale litigation projects.
Elevate your litigation project strategies with valuable insights and practical tips, and uncover the keys to success – all in one unmissable report!

What's actually included in the report?

Litigation Funding Report Cover and Inside Pages
Litigation Funding

What Good Looks Like

  • Master the fundamentals of successfully securing litigation funding.
  • Learn what funders actually want to see in your finance applications.
  • How to prepare a professional project management plan for scoping and running large cases.
  • How to manage and review your funding requirements as matters develop.
  • What a good finance application looks like.
The Art of Group Litigation Cover and Inside Pages
The Art of Group Litigation

A Masterclass in Best Practice

  • A masterclass in building claimant committees.
  • How to save time by optimising template usage.
  • Guidance on setting litigation matters up for success.
  • How to effectively supervise litigation paralegals.
  • Constructive advice for senior management on reviewing processes for efficiencies.
  • The importance of communicating an overarching vision for the matter.
  • How to train your junior team to seek instructions.
  • Why standardised training materials will save time.
Pages of a whitepaper report are sprawled before you. The title reads: "Interim Hires in Litigation Matters"
Interim Hires in Litigation Matters

A Perfect Solution

  • Uncover the strategic advantage of interim legal resourcing in managing the intricacies of large-scale litigation projects.
  • Explore how interim hires provide an effective solution for balancing high-quality case management and cost-effectiveness.
  • Delve into the crucial role of a robustly organised claimants register and discover why interim legal resourcing is the key to meeting conflicting priorities.