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February 12

How to Prioritise your Mental Wellbeing as a Junior Lawyer


sophie gould

sophie gould

Junior Lawyer Lunch Event Banner: Mental Wellbeing with Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare

Join us for an insightful discussion on prioritising your mental wellbeing as a junior lawyer. In the demanding field of law, it's crucial to nurture your mental health to thrive both personally and professionally. This event aims to shed light on the importance of mental wellbeing in your legal career and provide practical tips for navigating the challenges you may encounter.

📅 Date: Wednesday 5th June 2024

🕛 Time: 12:30 - 13:15

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  • The importance of good mental health: Learn why maintaining good mental health is essential for success in your legal career. Discover how a healthy mindset can enhance your productivity, decision-making, and overall satisfaction in your profession.
  • Challenges you may face: Explore the common challenges junior lawyers often encounter that can impact their mental wellbeing. From high workloads and tight deadlines to the pressure of client expectations, gain insights into identifying and managing these stressors effectively.
  • Tips for supporting your mental health at work: Get actionable tips and strategies for prioritising your mental health whilst managing the demands of your legal career. Discover techniques for stress management, maintaining work-life balance, setting boundaries, and seeking support when needed.
  • Support available: Learn about the resources and support systems available to junior lawyers to help them cope with mental health challenges. Whether it's through employee assistance programmes, mentorship networks, or professional counselling services, explore avenues for seeking assistance and guidance.

This event is open to all junior lawyers looking to proactively manage their mental wellbeing and thrive in their legal careers. Join us for an engaging discussion and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to prioritise your mental health effectively.


Speaker Bio

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO Lawcare

Elizabeth has been managing and developing charities in the mental health sector for over 20 years. She joined LawCare in 2014 from the Institute of Group Analysis, a membership and training organisation for group psychotherapists. Before that she headed up Alzheimer’s Disease International, a worldwide federation of Alzheimer Associations.

Elizabeth started her working life as a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence, practicing at Leigh Day. Elizabeth is a trustee of the Helplines Partnership (national body for support and advice helplines) and a member of the International Bar Association’s Professional Wellbeing Commission.

LawCare is an independent charity offering emotional support, information and training to the legal community in the UK. We work to promote good mental health and wellbeing in legal workplaces and drive change in education, training and practice. If you need to talk call us on 0800 279 6888 or visit www.lawcare.org.uk.


This is June's continuation of our virtual lunches run by Flex Legal's Head of Learning and Development, Sophie Gould; in conjunction with LexisNexis.

Please note: these events are designed for junior lawyers, paralegals and trainees.


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