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April 24 2023

Inclusivity in the legal profession: practical advice for your team

Industry Insights

Mary Bonsor

Mary Bonsor

Flex Legal's Inclusivity Report "Inclusivity in the legal profession: Practical advice for your team" spreads its pages open before you from right to left. Around and behind it, branding is seen for Flex Legal.

In the legal workplace of 2023, inclusion is everything. Flex Legal’s new report outlines why it is so key, and then gives actionable tips for cultivating greater inclusion in your team.

Studies have repeatedly shown that higher workplace inclusion directly contributes to increased productivity, wellbeing, and staff retention. Flex Legal are incredibly proud of our work on diversity and inclusivity in the legal space – and now we want to share our knowledge with the entire industry.

Over the last few months, we’ve been speaking to our Flex Trainees about workplace inclusion. Our Flex Trainees are a hand-picked ensemble of trainee solicitors, currently seconded to some of the largest and most influential organisations in the country.

We took all of their thoughts on workplace inclusion, and broke it down into 10 practical tips for boosting inclusion in your legal workplace.

A page of Flex Legal's Inclusivity Report is seen. The headline of the page reads "Inclusivity Advice from the new wave of SQE trainees"./

What is in Flex Legal’s Inclusivity Report?

  • 10 practical, actionable tips for boosting inclusion in your legal workplace.
  • Direct insights from socially-mobile trainee solicitors.
  • Two comprehensive case studies on how FTSE100 organisations have partnered with Flex to make the industry more diverse and inclusive.
  • Breakdowns of how solicitor qualification is changing, and why it matters.
  • Cutting-edge thinking from the forefront of D&I in the legal profession.