I have to say, 7 years ago when we set up Flex, we would be pinching ourselves if we had known our destiny.

Mary Bonsor, Founder of Flex Legal

The big news

Flex Legal has been acquired by Mishcon de Reya LLP

The respective logos for Mishcon de Reya and Flex Legal are seen, stacked atop one another, in a display of corporate unity and collaboration.

As of 9th January 2024, Flex Legal has agreed to an acquisition deal by the London-based international law firm, Mishcon de Reya.

Flex Legal will continue to operate entirely autonomously, under the holding company MDR ALS (Holdings) Limited, a newly licensed subsidiary of Mishcon. No immediate changes will take place to the services we provide or the work we do with our clients.

Flex Legal are incredibly happy to be Mishcon's first investment into the ALSP space we have inhabited for seven years. Whilst Flex Legal's staffing will be unchanged, we are delighted to welcome Chief Strategy Officer Nick West (formerly UK Managing Director of Axiom), Senior Strategy Executive Neville Eisenberg (amongst founding directors of Lawyers On Demand and formerly Managing Partner at then-BLP), and Mishcon Group CFO Matt Hotson to our board.

So, why has Mishcon invested in Flex Legal? The answers are manifold - but primarily because both businesses are incredibly compatible and believe we can accomplish more, together. Aside from the obvious fact that our central business offerings are similar, there is also a lot of cultural overlap between Flex and Mishcon. We share a mutual commitment to client centricity, an enthusiastic approach to problem-solving, and both emphasise the importance of maintaining a friendly and collaborative office culture.

Most importantly - we really believe in their vision and strategy and can see how it closely aligns to ours. Flex Legal's goals remain unchanged. We intend to become the biggest and best alternative legal resourcing business out there. With the full might of Mishcon de Reya at our back, we are ready to turbocharge our mission to enable and inspire the legal workforce of the future.

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Flex Legal is a purpose-built online platform that connects law firms and in-house legal teams to interim lawyers and paralegals. When legal workloads change, why keep your team the same size? Let us know your challenges and we can have custom shortlist of suitable candidates with you in as little as 24 hours.
Our social mobility initiative, Flex Trainee, is also proudly making waves. We are helping legal teams contribute to organisational D&I, and are opening the doors of the legal industry up to diverse aspiring solicitors from under-represented backgrounds.
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